Hi – this is Pastor Tom from Clergy on Call, here to answer the question – why do some wedding ceremonies cost more to officiate than others?  There is a difference – and hopefully this video will help you.

There’s a lot that goes into crafting a memorable wedding ceremony, but honestly, much depends on you – the bride and groom to be – and your expectations for your special day – and the time, creativity and experience it takes to pull it off.

For some couples – life and work is busy- so there’s no desire for a ceremony – they just want a clergy person to sign the license to fulfill state requirements, so their marriage is considered valid.  After assembling two witnesses, the quick “I Do’s” – this is easily done. We call that the “Marriage License Signing”.

For other couples, the ceremony itself is a means to an end – the precursor to the real celebration…that is – the reception!  I mean – without the vows and exchanging of rings – and the wedding officiants’ signature on your license, the party can’t start.  It’s why we call it a “Simple” Wedding Ceremony – much like a “justice of the peace” type ceremony…a no-frills service, which for some couples is exactly what they want!  No homily, no readings, no special music or family ceremonies…just the scaled down ceremony. You can see samples of Simple Wedding Ceremonies on our website – www.clergyoncall.com.  Most Simple Ceremonies take about 20 – 30 minutes from start to finish.

But for others – the Simple Wedding Ceremony is well…too simple, lacking in a personal feel, which is why many couples prefer a richer ceremony, complete with all the bells and whistles – what we call the Full Wedding Ceremony.       

As a wedding officiant and creative person – it gives me real pleasure working with a bride and groom to craft their own wedding “experience” …an experience to share with those closest to them.  

As a musician, actor and director – and somewhat of a romantic – it’s the bells and whistles, things like personalized vows, live music and songs, selective readings, and even special family ceremonies, involving significant members of your family and friend circles, that will leave you and your guests feeling like – “wow, that was one ceremony I will never forget.”  

Ceremonies like that, take creativity, experience and most of all time.  Time to meet with you and understand your desires and your dreams. Time to help you craft and edit your vows. Time to help you choose the best readings, music and songs that reflect your personal tastes and life experiences.  Time to help you find good musicians and singers – if you don’t have them within your sphere of influence.  

A good officiant serves as both the “scriptwriter” and “production” director.  He or she is there to coordinate all the pieces – and people that make up the ceremony itself.  It’s more than just signing a license or making a pronouncement – though they are very important.  It’s crafting the experience itself. 

That’s why some ceremonies cost more than others…it’s the time, creativity and experience that an officiant can provide.  It’s what sets us a part!

For more information – or to schedule a consultation to help you decide what type of ceremony would be best for you, go to www.clergyoncall.com or call us at 424-4-CLERGY.

God bless and have a great day!

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