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“MyTelePastor” provides “Virtual” Pastoral Care for people without a church connection, using FaceTime or ZOOM technology. Whether it’s pastoral counseling, prayer or just someone to “sit” and talk with you, we are here to help navigate many of the uncertainties brought about by Covid-19. Our rate is $25 per hour (negotiable), and can be remitted using Cash App or Venmo.

To schedule a session with Pastor Tom, click on the “Schedule a Session” button and leave us your name and email.  We’ll get back to you.

Baby/Child Dedication

Children are a gift from God to any family, and for their parents, they are like precious jewels.  From the time they are born, there are approximately 936 weeks until they graduate from High School, just enough time to leave a legacy!

Baby / Child Dedication is an act of celebration and commitment where both parents vow before their family and friends to steward the life of their child toward loving God and loving others.


Water Baptism is an opportunity to declare before God and family, your desire to follow Him as you live out your life.  Baptism involves being fully immersed under water – a symbol of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Water Baptisms can be performed in a bathtub, a pool, hot tub, lake or even the ocean.  

Social Services Assistance

Starting at $30/hr

For the elderly, people with disabilities, immigrants and low-income families, navigating the maze of available government services can be overwhelming and daunting.  Let Clergy on Call come alongside you and be your voice, as your seek supportive services and other community resources.  Services include, but not limited to transportation to and from government offices, and assistance with the completion of Green Card, Naturalization and Medicaid applications.

Pastoral Counseling/Hospital Visitation

We can provide personal Pastoral Counseling in person or via FaceTime / Skype, so you don’t have to leave the privacy of your home.  Hospital Visitation is also available for those in need of spiritual guidance, prayer, and comfort.


“Pastor Tom McKenna dedicated my son, James, and it was a very special day for our family. He clearly explained the purpose and meaning behind the dedication to us and walked us through what the service would look like. During the dedication, he challenged us not to take the time we have with James in our home for granted and to make the most of these formative years. As a reminder of the time we have, he gave us 936 marbles to display in our home and told us to remove one for each week that passes. It has been a great visual reminder for us as parents and to our kids to ‘seize the day’ and not forget the influence that we have while our children live at home. I highly recommend Pastor Tom for baby dedications; he is a loving, caring pastor who will help you create a special service for your little one.”

Erica Dahl

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