Wedding Services

From premarital counseling (if desired) to personalized wedding planning, to the officiating of the ceremony itself, our desire is to make your wedding day a memorable one.  


“White Glove” Wedding Ceremony

The most important part of any wedding day is the ceremony itself.  We will work with
you to provide professional, dependable and creative care to ensure that
your ceremony is everything you dreamed it would be, soup to nuts, from the readings
to the music, to your own personalized vows.  Cost includes all ceremony planning –
musical performers and ceremony materials extra. Sample ceremonies are attached.
Ceremonies can be performed within the privacy of your own home, a church or at a
venue of your choosing.

Sample Ceremonies

"No Frills" Wedding Ceremony


Our “No Frills” Ceremony is designed for couples looking for a “Justice of the Peace” style, very basic ceremony complete with the exchanging of marriage vows and the rings.  Sample ceremonies are attached. The “No Frills” ceremonies can be performed within the privacy of your own home, a church or at a venue of your choosing.  The No Frills ceremony includes a free consultation. Attendance at wedding rehearsal is an additional charge.

 Sample Ceremonies

“Build Your Own” Wedding Ceremony

Starting at $295 (plus additions)

The “Build Your Own” Ceremony is designed for couples looking for a little more personalization than our “No Frills” offering, but less than our full “White Glove” service.  Starting with our No Frills ceremony, Brides and Grooms can choose from our a la carte menu – and add the components that would mean most to them.  Choose from additional consultations, rehearsals, readings, brief homily, songs, instrumental music, personalized vows and special family ceremonies.  Sample ceremonies are attached.

  • Consultations (additional): $75/hr.
  • Rehearsal: $150.00 plus mileage
  • Readings: $40.00
  • Personalized Vows (editing): $55.00
  • Instrumental Music: $50.00 (plus cost of instrumentalists)
  • Vocalist: $50.00 (plus cost of vocalist / accompanist)
  • Family Ceremonies: $50.00 (plus cost of materials)


Pre-Marriage Couples Therapy

$50 Per Session + Online Assesment ($35)
Pampering your relationship through Pre-Marriage Couples Therapy can help ensure
that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship – by providing you with
insights and tools to help make your upcoming marriage stronger! Topics include
communication, conflict resolution, money management, and dealing with the in-laws.
The Pre-Marriage Couples Therapy Package package includes an on-line assessment
and five personalized sessions, either in person or via FaceTime / Skype
using Prepare/Enrich or another relationship assessment tool. Each session will last
one hour.


Marriage License Signing - No Ceremony


The Marriage License Signing is geared for couples who don’t want a “ceremony” – but instead just need their license signed by an Officiant.  It’s also helpful for couples who need their paperwork completed before a destination wedding.  It involves at least one witness and simple “I Do’s”.

Vow Renewals


Milestone wedding anniversaries are deserving of recognition and honor and can be held in the privacy of your own home, or at a larger party venue of your choice.

Wedding Testimonials

“Pastor Tom was wonderful every step of the way through our pre-marital counseling and the wedding itself. He takes his duties very seriously and does everything within his power to ensure the marriage is built on a solid foundation that will withstand the test of time. He was very flexible with setting up counseling sessions, and we were even able to Skype with him since we had moved out of state. The material we covered was very thought-provoking, and Pastor Tom was excellent about pushing us to have important (albeit sometimes uncomfortable) conversations that many couples may either avoid or never think to have. It really helped us work through things that we may not have otherwise discussed and allowed us to ensure that we were truly compatible for marriage and would be on the same page for life’s hurdles. We always felt that his focus was on making us come to an agreement of our own, rather than pushing us in one direction or another. He provided us with Godly guidance and advice, in a serious manner but with a good sense of humor when appropriate. He was truly invested in the success of both the wedding ceremony and our marriage as a whole, and for that we are very grateful. When the wedding weekend arrived, his love and care for us was evident as he helped arrange the logistics to ensure that everything went smoothly. Overall our experience with Pastor Tom was a very positive one and we would highly recommend him to anyone seeking pastoral services.”

– Tyler & Leah Moser, wed 5/21/2017

“Pastor Tom is a multi-talented individual.  He officiated our wedding and counseled us prior to our second marriage in 2012.  He not only performed a very personalized ceremony for us, but sang a beautiful song as well!  We were so blessed to have him officiate and bless our wedding vows.  As a devoted minister of God, Tom had a unique way of bringing the ceremony to a very personal level, even for all who were in attendance.  I received compliments like… ‘when I get married, this is the kind of wedding I want to have.’
I would recommend Tom McKenna’s services highly for either a church wedding or other venue of your choice. His advice and premarital counseling is invaluable for beginners or people like us who are fortunate to get a second chance…”

– Dave & Laura E.

“We asked Pastor Tom to officiate our wedding and we are so happy with our decision. He worked with us to develop a simple, yet thoughtful ceremony that had everything we wanted. He met with us prior to understand our relationship and give us guidance on all important aspects of two becoming one. Our guests felt the love from our ceremony and the whole experience made our wedding more memorable than we could have imagined. We recommend Pastor Tom to all couples who want a special wedding day they will always cherish.”

– Melissa & Chris

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